Holiday Sponsors/Donations

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Each year the Sharing Center provides Christmas gifts to its families.  It is only possible through the communities support as our very own “Christmas Elves”.  Last year your generosity provided 400 children with warm clothing, shoes, boots, coats, blankets, and educational gifts.

Here’s how you can help

Adopt A Child: Families, businesses and organizations can pool their resources to adopt a family. We’ll give you a detailed list of the greatest needs and wants of your pre-screened child. We request parents identify 3 needed items, often clothing like jeans, shoes, or sweatshirts, and one educational gift.  Most donors spend between $25-60 for each child. Any number of children can be adopted by one individual or group. Some find 2 is enough, others take 30.

Donate new, unwrapped gifts: An alternative to adopting a specific child is to donate new, unwrapped educational gifts, which we will combine with others to help brighten the season for a child who may not have been sponsored. GIFT LIST AVAILABLE HERE

Monetary donations:  Your donation will buy gifts for un-adopted children, or to help out families who have emergencies around the holidays.

Donate a service: You can donate a service or a gift card, or free coupons such as movie passes; hair cut coupons, tickets to a holiday show, the circus or other family-friendly event.

Tell a friend: Maybe you have already adopted a child or donated to another program; then pass this on to your friends or colleagues.

Get more information: Click HERE for the Holiday Donor Form

Want to help a child all year long?  Consider a monthly financial donation. Needs don’t end after Christmas. A child in need at Christmas is a child in need all year. Your monthly donation will assure a child’s most basic needs are met for all of 2017.