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  • Sharon Pomaville


The Sharing Center has recognized that strength in numbers and collaborative efforts are necessary to serve and support Western Kenosha County community members through the challenging last few years. On October 21st, over 40 community partners attended the Western Kenosha County Partnership Breakfast, discussing the communities we work with, how the Sharing Center can support, and opportunities to meet community needs together.

"We found that the longer COVID has been affecting our community, the more intense the need has become. Looking historically at economic recoveries, we anticipate it may take some individuals longer to reestablish themselves after job loss and illness. We're prepared to do all we can to reduce that length of recovery," said Sharon Pomaville, Executive Director.

The event's success demonstrates the community's commitment to providing the necessary tools and services to strengthen families and bridge any gaps in connecting the community to public services and programs.

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