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  • Sharon Pomaville


The Sharing Center and UW-Madison Division of Extension have partnered to offer one-on-one Financial Coaching to Center participants. In-person, phone, or virtual coaching sessions help participants identify money-related goals, assist with monitoring their progress, provide

encouragement, and help locate resources related to those goals. The program is self-paced and tailored to meet individual needs.

Mary Metten, Health & Well-Being Educator with Extension Kenosha County, said, “Talking about and dealing with money-related issues is extremely personal to people. Financial education doesn’t need to be, and shouldn’t always be, classroom learning nor trying to figure things out by yourself. One-on-one coaching allows people to think through what is most important to them and not me or someone else deciding those goals. Partnering with the Sharing Center has been great, they’re a known and trusted resource in western Kenosha

County, and I’ve been connected to people that otherwise would not have known Financial

Coaching exists in this area.”

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