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Horario de despensa de alimentos:  Lunes de 11:00 a 13:00, miércoles de 11:00 a 13:00 y viernes de 9:00 a.m. a 11:00 a. M.


Horario de oficina y donaciones: lunes de 9 a. M. A 2 p. M., Miércoles de 9 a. M. A 2 p. M. Y viernes de 9 a. M. A 1 p. M.


Teléfono: 262-298-5535

Fax: 262-922-4411


25700 Wilmot Rd

Apartado de correos 172

Trevor, WI 53179

United Way of Kenosha County

¡Gracias por enviarnos!

The Sharing Center acknowledges that indigenous peoples and nations, including the tribe of Potawatomi people, have stewarded through generations the lands and waterways of what is now southeastern Wisconsin.  We honor and respect the enduring relationship that exists between these people, nations, and this land.

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